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 Monday 30th Jun 2014
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Welcome to the Schillinger School of Music, a distance learning school based on the Schillinger System of Musical Composition. We offer courses covering Schillingerís most important and exciting ideas explained in clear and user friendly language. In the area of music education, one size does not fit all and so each course is tailored to you and your needs. Everyone learns differently and at their own speed and so courses do not have a strict start and end time. A one-to-one tutorial system ensures that you are supported throughout the course and that your work gets a personal critical response. The techniques we offer in these courses are useful for all kinds of music making so you donít have to be a composer or a specialist to study at the Schillinger School of Music.

Joseph Schillinger: the forgotten Guru

If you watch The Glenn Miller Story, a Hollywood homage to the great bandleader, you will notice a short scene in which Glenn (played by James Stewart) is hard at work composing his famous Moonlight Serenade. As he completes the score, he shouts excitedly to his wife,

"I must show this to Schillinger!"

Everyone knows George Gershwin, Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman. Every Jazz musician has heard of the Berklee School of Jazz in Boston. Even the pioneering inventions of Leon Theremin are known to aficionados of electronic music, and all these persons are linked in that their work was influenced by Schillingerís teaching. But who was Schillinger? Read his biography here

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